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I love sitting by the fire roasting marshmallows. Some of them would be perfectly brown and the others flaming torches kind of like life. Full of wonderful moments of satisfaction and flaming torches. I got burned, my life turned upside down, and I survived. I’m that way–knock me down, sniffle, I get back up, repeat. Then, I learned to let go. Think of a tug-a-war, it doesn’t work if you let go of the end. I have a new life. I am the phoenix rising from the flame with some bumps and bruises but definitely able to fly.

I’ve started a new company Wingnut Publishing and will be releasing my favorite books beginning with Family Affair. New stuff is on the way and I’m super excited about it. I hope you will be, too. If you haven’t had a chance to read my books, now is a good time.

I’m taking those flaming marshmallows and building a very large fire. From the fire a phoenix is rising. I survived and I plan on thriving. The Sax is back.

We all have a screw loose now and then.

Comments on: "SAX IS BACK" (6)

  1. Fantastic news
    Looking forward to your new stuff

  2. Renate Ziesche said:

    Hi Sax, Glad to have you back, I look forward to your new stories (I read most of your published work)

    Have a good weekend and fun with roasting marshmellows Greetings from Germany Renate

    Von meinem iPad gesendet


  3. Welcome back!… I for one have always been a huge fan of all of your writings and look forward to any new releases. Best of luck in your new venture!

  4. Awesome and good for you! I am not sure how many times I’ve read the Chase Banter series and your other books as well. I would love to live on Moon Street, lol. I love your characters and I’m sure I laughed as much each time read your books. I’m happy to hear you have risen 😉

  5. “I cannot believe you didn’t eat those burnt marshmallows. I mean, who doesn’t eat a burnt marshmallow? Whippersnappers!, that’s who. There’s nothing more sweet than a burnt marshmallow treat. Ergo, I’m betting you ate ’em. Oh yes. I do. And now it’s marshMELLOW to you!” AP4MQ

    • All right, all right. Yes, I did eat the burning ones because they were gooer. The brown tasty but not adventurous. Glad to hear from you again. I hope you’re doing well.

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