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Our new administration is all about money. We have a billionaire for president. Enough said. The orange guy likes money. His plan is to make as much money as possible in four years. Okay, so he’s raiding the coffers, it’s not like it hasn’t been done before. It’s the other guys we have to worry about.

They are the really bad guys who are intent on destroying our present country for profit and control. And creating a white supremists paradise. Like heaven with only white people in it. And if the orange guy has any say a lot of pussy grabbing. Free pussy for everybody. Oh, and everyone has wings.

Now, think of how profits come to be. People buy things and patronize business for various services. We are a nation of service workers. We don’t actually make anything anymore.  So we as consumers have the kind of power Mr. Trump understands–money.  To him money talks. Let’s call it pocketbook politics. We, the all-inclusive we, the millions who voted for Hillary, have a lot of collective pocketbook power. Money makes things happen. The loss of it also makes things happen.


Think of Indiana and that silly law—Religious Freedom Restoration Act. If for religious purposes you refuse to serve someone because, I guess, you think they’re gay, it is not against the law. That lasted about a week as sports events were cancelled, tourism went bust, and businesses suffered. Money was lost and the economy of Indiana went into the toilet fast. They went at Governor Pence with pitchforks, (figuratively) and that nasty little law went into suspended animation.


Next the ACLU went into HIGH ALERT. They sent a letter to the New York Times addressed to Mr. Trump telling him they will fight him on any civil rights infringements. I thought that was good of them—give the guy warning before you kick him in the balls.  Donations to the ACLU went sky high.

Pence is really down on Planned Parenthood. He just can’t stay away from our reproductive organs-geez get your own. Donations to Planned Parenthood came flooding in.  Money bought them the ability to give Mr. Pence the finger.

See money talks. The Trumpers whined about how mean the NY Times was in their coverage. The powers that be wanted to bring them down. Subscriptions went way up. Myself, included.

Next,  Trumpers had their protest and went after Starbucks. Trump people bought lattes and used the name Trump for their orders. (I was surprised that these instant Folgers drinkers even knew what to order.) What this means is we can actually manipulate the Trumpers into boycotts that support gay friendly local businesses. How great is that?

We must work against Trump with our money. He doesn’t like losing money.  Buy and support businesses that are good and boycott the bad. This is a simple but effective mode of civil disobedience especially if we use social media to keep us informed and united. (As a side note we need to stick together because the Trump people will try to divide us.) No one gets physically hurt and we make our displeasure known with our debit cards. All our money together is a lot of money. We hit Trump’s bank account and those of his cronies and policy will change right quick.

Let’s do it.


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