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The recount is more about us as Americans than getting Hillary in the White House. Believe me I can envision her saying something like “Wow, this has been one wild ride,” okay maybe without the “Wow,” part but you get the picture. In fact, I’m recommending us all sending out positive vibes, prayers, manifestations, meditations, anything you believe in to make this happen. I know, I know, it’s a long shot but so was the “Big Surprise,” we all sadly witnessed as the election results came in.

What this recount means is that we, as Americans, are not putting up with rigged elections. Now, whether it was or not, it still means that we value our elections, that we won’t take unfairness, trickery, hacking, malware, and outside influences messing with our democracy.

With recounts we are saying to ourselves and the world that we believe that our democracy is working. By doing the recount we are trying to bring integrity back into our elections–something that authoritarian regimes do not have. We are saying that we are not going down like a beaten dog. We’re going to bite back.

The protests, Jill Stein, bless her heart, (I take back all the bad things I said about her), and all of us that did what we are so often known for–we put our money where our mouth goes. Jill Stein became our mouthpiece. All of us that contributed to this cause showed the world that in a matter of days we raised millions to insure the legitimacy of this election.


Now, I know that people are calling us sore losers. We know that Trump said the elections were rigged, not in his favor, unless he won the election. Huh, how does that work? Most of the Trump camp is keeping quiet. I fully expected to wake up this morning to find Trump tweeting at 3 a.m. that this recount is VERY UNFAIR. He won a TREMENDOUS victory, the electoral college is a DISASTER unless he wins because of it.

The powers that be keep trying to squash this recount thing down, the long shot, the likely outcome that HRC will not be president, that it would certainly be a “surprise” if it did  happen. And what about those angry Trump people the one we thought would rise up with their pitch forks and rifles? It might be a civil war excepting that a lot of the Rust Belt are not rifle-toting haters. They are Americans who believe that scamming people is wrong.

Trump has already tipped his hand by breaking most of his promises before he has been sworn it. He’s scared moderate Trumpers with his frightening cabinet choices. Will these be the people to rise up—doubtful.  This might be a way to save face. The guy cheated and cheaters should not prosper. But if that means that we get a fair election, we’ll just have to take the chance. Our people protested without guns and look what it got us—a recount.


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