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We were at the checkout counter at the store. I put my card into the chip reader. It made funny beeping noises. On a side note, I have difficulties with anything with a microchip processor thingies. Debit machines do not like me and I do not like them.

“You’ll need to reinsert it. It’ll ask you a bunch of weird questions and then tell you to pull it out,” the cashier said. She smiled sweetly.

I waited for the questions to come up on the debit screen. Layce took matters into her own hands. She leaned over the machine and pretended to read the weird question: “What’s the capital of Turkey?”

“Ankara, not Istanbul as most of us would think. It’s like why isn’t New York City the capital? It seems the most logical choice,” I said.

The cashier stared.

“Who were the original Charlie’s angels?” Layce pretended to read again.

“Jacqueline Smith, Farrah Fawcett and Kate…” I said. “Wait it’ll come to me.”

The machine binged. “You can take your card out,” the cashier said. What she didn’t say  was “and please leave.” I could sense it, though. She handed me the receipt.

We headed to the door. I turned to Layce. “Do you have the bag?” I couldn’t remember picking it up.

She held it up to indicate she did. The cashier glanced over at us but didn’t say anything. Then I tried to get out the “In” door with Layce following right behind me. We both stopped abruptly as the door wouldn’t open. “It’s the wrong door,” I said.


“Apparently,” Layce said. We backed up and went out the “Other” door.

“I think we need to get out of the house more often,” Layce said walking out to the parking lot.

“Is that wise?”

“Perhaps, not.”

We stood in the middle of the parking lot and looked around.

“Do you know where we parked the car?” Layce asked.

I had no idea.

We walked around the entire lot before finally finding our car. We got in and buckled up. We were halfway home when I suddenly blurted, “Jackson! Her name was Kate Jackson.”

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