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I went to Washington State to see family and friends. It was fun but I missed Layce and Em. That was the only downside. I worried that when I left them that they might discover I was extraneous to the household. When I came out with my luggage and Layce kissed me, I knew I was missed. I did not yet know I was seriously needed.

As we drove away from the airport, I noticed a glass of iced coffee sitting belligerently in the cup holder in the console. “What is this?” I said pointing at the glass. A glass! I couldn’t believe it.

A glass.”


“We have cups with lids, they’re called travel cups because that’s what you use when you’re traveling with liquids so they don’t spill and you don’t accidentally drop a glass of which is one of a set of six—an important number to me because it’s a multiple of three. I leave for thirteen and a half days and you turn savage.”

“I didn’t spill and I didn’t break it. No harm no foul.” She entered the freeway.

I harrumphed. “Did you buy a new can opener?” It was malfunctioning when I left thirteen and a half days ago.

“Not yet. I just used a hammer and a screw driver.”

“I bet you ate straight out of the can.

“Not always, sometimes I just drank it straight out of the can.”

“Standing up?” I said, imagining her by the sink, guzzling soup.

“Why not?”

“Because at meal times we set the dining room table with place mats and linen napkins  and the glass you’re currently using.”

No comment.

“What would happen if I was gone for a whole month?” I asked.

“I’d probably turn feral.”

I smiled. “You need me.”

“I do, but you’re still kind of a pain in the ass.”

“I take that as a compliment to my strident housekeeping skills.”

“Knock yourself out.”

She reached over and squeezed my hand and I knew I was loved and needed. Ah, it was good to be home. God only knows the tangles I’d have when I got home. I couldn’t wait to resume my dharma as Keeper of the House. I sat back in the seat and sighed contentedly. I even forgot about the glass transgression–temporarily.

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  1. DisneyFanGirl27 said:

    Is wonderful to be needed and wanted. I’m glad both you and Lacey got that!

  2. Hi.. Love that you are producing audio books now.. Please please…Heart to Heart and Straight from the Heart..

    Greetings from Germany 🤗📚Renate

    Sent from my iPad


    • We are going to do all our books including those. It’s a lot of fun doing them. The only hard part is not laughing or crying while we’re recording. We don’t always succeed.

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