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Em is taking Driver’s Ed and doing well. After the first lesson, Em regaled us with student driver’s snafus. I gulped and winced a few times, but stayed relatively calm and did not quote safety statistics.

“I was so afraid he would make me parallel park. I mean I just started driving. I can’t be expected to be perfect. It’s only my first day,” Em said.

“Why’d you think he’d make you do that?” Layce asked.

“Because I was driving and had to stop and wait for a lady who was parallel parking and having a hard time. The instructor said women can’t parallel park for some reason. I was kind of insulted. I mean, you guys can parallel park.” She caught the look that passed between Layce and me. “Right?”

“I can,” Layce said.

“She’s really good at it,” I added.

“Are you good at it too?” Em asked.

“Saxon can’t even park at all,” Layce said.

Parking 1

It’s true. I can’t regular park. And you can completely cross off parallel parking. I either park badly or it takes me at least three threes times with multiple openings of the door to see how close I am to the white line or I have to get out of the car, gather my bearings, and try again. Layce sits patiently until I’ve decided it’s the best I can do under the circumstances.

“What do mean she can’t park?” Em asked.

“I mean she can’t get the car into a parking space correctly to save her soul.”

“Even if there’s no other cars around her?”

“Even if.  In fact that makes it worse,” Layce said.

bad parking

“It’s genetic. I didn’t get a parking gene. My father can’t park either. One time someone left a note on his car. It said if you have sex like you park…” I left the rest off. “I’m a victim of my DNA. So, no I can’t parallel park.”

“Maybe the instructor was right. Women can’t parallel park. What if I can’t?” Em said.

“I’ll teach you, and we’ll practice a lot, so when he makes you do it, you can knock his socks off,” Layce said.

“Which would make us two for three. That’s not too bad,” I said.

“What about Saxon? Can’t you teach her too?”


I nodded. There are some things I have to acknowledge I can’t do. We all have our limitations. Parking is mine.



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  1. I flunked my first driver’s test because of parallel parking. I was doing fine, apparently, but I panicked. The tester told me afterwards that all I had to do was pull forward a bit and I would have passed. After that, I practiced and practiced and got comfortable with it, passed the test the second time, and now I can parallel park anywhere. So practice is really important to get the skills down and become comfortable with it. I’m sure you’ll do fine, Em. Just don’t let Saxon try to teach you.

    • I flunked my driver’s test the first time too. I had the instructor and his boss in the car and I totally flubbed up. It was traumatic.

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