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Election night was terrifying. We all saw it happen, but no one saw it coming. This is how it went down with me:

My heart pounded as the votes started coming in. Hillary-3, Trump-19.  I looked over at Layce. “Should I be freaking?

“No. See all those states,” Layce said, pointing at the map on the television. “Those are hers.”

I watched as she lost more states to the red devils.

“She’s losing Florida,” Layce said, chewing on her fingernails.

“She’s going to lose. On Twitter they are giving the election to Trump as 55%,” I said.

I went upstairs, put Pink Floyd on, sat in my bean bag chair and tried to find that 14 year-old girl who didn’t have to think of big things—like being rounded up for being gay.

More losses.

Upstairs, I lay on my bed in the dark. I sent out energy to people to help Hillary get the wins she needed. I came downstairs, still praying .

Downstairs, it’s over. Layce had her head in her hands. I started to cry. We went to bed, but didn’t sleep.  In some alternate universe, Hillary Rodham Clinton won by a landslide. The world was a better place. We changed the course of our planet for the good. Unfortunately, we live in the universe where the pussy-grabbing orange Hitler just hijacked our country with the help of half our fellow citizens.

In the middle of the night, I grew angry. I wanted Trump to fail his voters so badly, that they’d regret voting for him and get what they deserve.  Then I had an epiphany. We need Donald Trump to be a good president because if he fails, we all suffer. This lasted about ten seconds.

By morning I was crying—for Hillary, for the loss of our humanity, for the insanity that we just unleashed onto the world. For the first time in my life I was ashamed to be a citizen of the new Amerikkka. I went online to see the protests starting. Before the election we worried that the Trumpers would riot, but no, it was our people—people who believe in love and life and liberty for all peoples. We are not HATERS. We marched peacefully.  NYC, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Berkeley, Phoenix, Philadelphia and D.C., the list grows– we have civil disobedience in mass numbers—enough to be a force, enough to remind the HATERS that we too have our own army.

With love we’re trying to save you from your misguided selves. We want to save our planet and its peoples.  We can’t give up. We march, we make safe places, we comfort our youth, and hug each other, and weep for our lost humanity. What sort of a country is this that parents and teachers have to explain why this evil man is our president? That if you’re different you are now hated by half your country?

The white men who beat their chests at rallies and screamed “Kill the bitch” want to kill everyone that is not like them. They want a man to Make Amerikkka Great Again by letting white men rule. This election wasn’t about jobs, the corruption in Washington, healthcare, this election was about a woman being in charge. This was about putting women and everyone else that isn’t white and male and straight back into the box using HATE, the law, the government, and our own citizens to create a perfect world in which there is no place for otherness.

Oh, but we forgot to tell you Trumpers—we aren’t going back into that box where xenophobia, homophobia, racism, bigotry, and misogyny is the new law of the land. As Hillary said, in this country we have the rule of law. Until Trump buys the judicial system.

Day two after the election, we have more protesting, Michael Moore gets involved, the air space about Trump Tower was restricted.  The HATERS are scaring and beating people up because Trump told them to go ahead and do what they wanted to all along—ride around in pick-up trucks with baseball bats, harassing and beating people up, frightening our children, spray graffiti celebrating the Nazis, the list goes on.

Then you think you’re safe with your family until you discover they voted for Trump. Then you see their true colors—they really are racist, xenophobic, homophobes. They say they love you but deep down, they hate you for your otherness.

Day three, California wants to secede from the rest of the country, more protests. A wonderful post on social media, “We can disagree and still love each other unless your disagreement is rooted in my oppression and the denial of my humanity and right to exist.” The KKK plan a victory march in North Carolina.

Trump still wants to jail Hillary. He begins to break his promises, the very promises his supporters voted for. In his first 100 days of office, Obamacare stays in place, there will be no wall, restoring coal mining jobs is too difficult. The final insult is that instead of ‘draining the swamp’ he hires Washington insiders and his own family. The dictatorship begins.

Leonard Cohen dies. Kate McKinnon sings Hallelujah dressed as Hillary in a white pant suit. At the end of the song she said, “I’m not giving up and neither should you,” Can it get any worse? Yes, it can and it will. Pence and Paul Ryan want to take away as many civil liberties as fast as they can, starting with gay people. They have it bad for us.

Day four, I’m standing in line at the gun store behind four other women buying hand guns. I bought a 9mm semi-automatic. Our household is now fully armed. We put our safety pins on and opened our home. This is our new country.

Welcome to the apocalypse, courtesy of one man who incited so much hate that a pacifist just bought a gun.

Sometimes the only safe place to be is within the covers of a book.

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