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“I think Tux is a Cadog,” I said.

“What is that and why is Tux one? Layce said.

I wish she wouldn’t ask two questions at one time. I am too easily confused. “The answer to the first question is that a Cadog is a non-binary species.”

“What is that?”

“It’s a mammal that doesn’t identify with being either a cat or a dog—so it’s a Cadog,” I said.

“How do you spell it?”

“C-A-D-O-G,” I said.

“Why does the dog get more letters?” Layce asked, putting her what-the-hell-kind-of–deal-is-that face on.

“I’ve just heard them called that. I suppose it could be a ‘Catdog’ but the ‘t’ would be silent. I find silent letters annoying. So Tux is a Cadog. We should leave this issue to the linguistics people.  At least the cat part goes first. That’s something. We got v-a-g-i-n-a. What were they thinking on that one,” I said. “It could be worse.”

“Okay, what is he doing to indicate he is, in fact, a Cadog? ”

“Well, he greets Emma like a dog. He actually gallops toward her. He comes when she calls. He follows her around and guards her. He sits outside the bathroom door while she showers.”

“That does sound dogish,” Layce said.

trees and tux 010

(Tux exhibiting rub-my-belly-like-a-dog behavior)

“We shouldn’t mention it, though. He’s embarrassed about it.”

“He’s embarrassed?” Layce said.

“As a cat it’s disrespectful to behave like a dog. He can’t help it. His DNA is dictating his behavior. I looked up Tuxedo cats, T.C’s for short. They behave like dogs. However, they do retain their cat pride. I had him sit up for his treat. He did it twice but on the third treat he just looked up at it and walked off, tail in the air. The equivalent of a kitty F.U. and your dog tricks. Cats do not do tricks unless they pick the trick. They won’t do it on demand but Tux might if we ignore his dog-like behavior and let him channel his inner dog. It’s like getting two fur kids in one.”

“This is weirdly fascinating,” Layce said, studying Tux as he walked by.

“According to Tux, we gave him a stupid name. He has a point. So, I’ve been calling him ‘The Gentleman.’ He seems to like it. I mean, he is wearing a tuxedo.”

“I am not calling the Cadog ‘The Gentleman,’” Layce said as she watched Tux gallop across the living room to the bathroom to guard Emma while she brushed her teeth.

I got him a treat and made him sit up, twice, the third time he walked off with disdain, leaving Emma undefended.

“That’s his cat part,” I said.

trees and tux 009

 (Tux exhibiting cat behavior and posing for a Vermeer painting due to low light photo.)

SFire cover

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