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Pass the Butter, Please

We decided after our beloved furry ones passed over that we’d go dog-less. Layce and I like to travel and since Emma is getting older, soon to be in college, we’d have more mobility. So we decided we needed a break. Layce said she’d cleaned up way too much poop between a baby and doggies over the years.

That was before Butter came along.

Every day Layce and I hike the Murrell Home Trail. It’s close to town and loops around a lovely copse of trees. Last Thursday, we found three puppies someone had dumped and abandoned. They were dirty and hungry and soaked in motor oil. There was only one thing to do, bring them home, clean them up, feed them, and take them to the vet. We’d figure out homes later.

We named them Peanut, Butter and Jelly. Here’s a picture of Emma holding the ‘sandwich.’

butter baby 006

Our vet told us they had mange, which was why they were covered in motor oil. It’s a myth that the oil kills mange. He gave them shots and medication for worms and mange.

I made the mistake of asking if we were going to have mange. The answer was yes, but you’re a dead host so it won’t last long. I immediately started scratching.

“Come see what mange looks like under the microscope,” the vet said. My curiosity got the best of me. I had to look. (Don’t ever do that. Just sayin’.)

“Make sure you pick up all their poop in the yard. The worms will get in your soil and then you’ll have more worms,” he said.

I was now certifiably freaked out. I have mange and my backyard is now a toxic mind field.

Next order of business… find homes. This facilitated a full blown anxiety attack, which meant I didn’t sleep a wink. The next morning, I found three puppies sitting in their crate looking repentant because most of their kennel had wormy poop and lots of pee. I immediately took them outside. I then put on my biohazard suit and got to cleaning up. I was only halfway through when Layce came downstairs and sniffed.

“Don’t worry, I got it under control.”

After gulping coffee, feeding, pooping outside, (not me, the puppies), playing, then watching them crash, I emailed the Humane Society. They were helpful but it was Friday and there was not a lot they could do until Monday.

Layce got on Facebook and did a call out to the Tahlequah peeps to see if anyone had a good home that needed a new family member. Sure enough, Jelly got her forever home on Sunday. The next one, Peanut, got his forever home on Monday. It was with a teary goodbye we let Peanut and Jelly go. That left the runt, Butter. I knew if Em and I were going to get our very own peeing and pooping machine now was the time. Butter, the little runt with only one good eye, was staying—worms, mange and all.

butter baby 004

Butter weighs in at two pounds, has some pipes on her to rival Lady Gaga, and loves recliners, shoes and bare feet. She has stolen our hearts and required two trips in as many days to PetSense. She goes everywhere and seems to be everywhere. She is our very own little Butter Bean.

The most common phrase heard around our house is “Pass the Butter, please.”


Comments on: "Pass the Butter, Please" (6)

  1. Here’s to another familyember who will brimg you lve, laughter and companionship! I am lookimg forward to hearing Butter stories.

  2. Love it!

  3. Looking forward to following Butter’s life through your blogs. Thank you for saving the lives of Peanut, Butter and Jelly.

    • I’ve already got another “Butter Blog” for next week. I feel like Butter was a meant to be. And her brother and sister are happy campers too.

  4. Liette Bourdon said:

    Love you guys!

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