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Layce and I were going on a walk as part of our exercise program. We stepped out on the porch. She saw the stuffed animal—a lady bug—sitting on our porch swing. She looked at me and said, “Why is there a stuffed animal on our porch?”

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“I’m jealous of the Eeyore lady.”  There is a house we walk by that has a stuffed Eeyore in the front yard. Eeyore moves around the yard every few days. One day he’s under a tree, two days later he’s on the porch and the next day he’s on a fence post. The moving Eeyore has become a highlight of our walks. I continue my explanation, “I think the Eeyore lady is really falling down on the job. Eeyore doesn’t move around as much as he used to. He’s been sitting on the bench for three days now. I’d call that slacking. I feel it’s my civic duty to take up the slack.”

“And you want to do this because?” Layce asked.

“Because I want to spread a little joy in the world.”

“How is having a large stuffed lady bug sitting on our porch swing going to accomplish that?”

“When we walk by the Eeyore house don’t we always look to see if she’s moved Eeyore? And aren’t we a little disappointed when she hasn’t?”


“So I want to give the people who drive by our house a little chuckle before they go to work. Not everyone likes their job. We get to follow our joy by having a job we love—writing. See, when they drive by each day they’ll look for “Lady,” that’s her name, and see where we’ve moved her. It might be the highlight of their day.”

At that moment, Emma came out the front door and did a double-take at the lady bug. “Why is there a stuffed lady bug sitting on our porch swing?”

Layce looked at me and then at her. “Just roll with it.”

Emma said, “That doesn’t answer my question.”

I answered, “I’m spreading joy. Do you think we could put her on the porch roof as one of her daily locations?”

Layce sighed heavily and walked away.

“I think we can get her on the roof. We can tie a fish line around her neck and throw her up there then we can still retrieve her later without having to use a ladder, which you view as a safety hazard,” Emma said.

“That’s my girl,” I said proudly.

Making the world a happier place—one book at a time!


Laugh out loud funny!

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  1. I would certainly enjoy seeing the lady bug move around….

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