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The Angry Ball

I am a self-confessed worry wart.  I can’t help myself.  Sometimes it turns me into an angry ball that puts the hood up on my hoodie and stares out at the word with distaste and disdain.  This was first brought to my attention (I mean I knew I was a worry wart I just didn’t realized other people knew it too) while watching the movie Identity Theft.  Melissa McCarthy’s character has just stolen Jason Bateman’s identity.  He goes to get gas and his credit card is denied.

Layce looked over at me.  I’d put my hood up and I was scowling.  I had the dog blanket wadded up in my fists.  Darla Sue stared at me intently.  She wanted her blanket back.

“What’s wrong?” Layce asked.

I was so focused on the injustice committed by one human being upon another I didn’t hear her.  “Huh?”

“You look sort of tense.”

“Why do you say that?”

Darla Sue’s blanket had been squeezed into the size of softball and would probably never be the same.

“You’ve got your hood up and you look like an angry ball.”

“I can’t stand when people do this kind of stuff.  Do you know how hard it’s going to be to fix his credit, to convince people that he is not the bad guy?  Look he’s getting arrested for a crime he didn’t commit.  Identity theft is one of my greatest fears.  I worry about it daily.”

Emma came out of her room.  “Are you watching Cube?”

“No, why?” Layce asked.

“Because she looked like that when we watched it and she kept muttering something about the evils of government and how they manipulate people and how she hates the Man.”

“The government does all these creepy things that we can’t even fathom and there’s nothing the average citizens can do about it.  It’s one of my biggest fears that I’ll get snatched unjustly and carried off to some undisclosed location and I’ll never see you guys again.”

angry ball

“I think we’ll stick to comedies from now on.  Do you have any fears or anger issues with those?” Layce inquired.

“No, I’m okay if I’m laughing.  It’s hard to laugh and worry.”

Layce put another movie into the DVR.  It was Neil Simon’s Out-of-Towners.  About twenty minutes into the movie, I looked over and Layce was strangling the sofa pillow.  “Are you okay?” I asked.

“I can’t stand it,” she said.  “Things keep getting worse and worse.  Jack Lemmon lost his wallet and his shoes and they’re stuck in Central Park and they’re going to die!”  Tears actually filled her eyes.

I snapped off the TV.

“Let’s read,” I said.

“Good idea,” she said.


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Comments on: "The Angry Ball" (5)

  1. I had the same reaction at the beginning of Identity Thief. I sure hope you watched the rest of it, I laughed out loud and watched it again, something I very rarely do.

    I had a similar kind of reaction watching Judy Dench’s latest movie, Philomena. I, like the journalist, was angry and outraged by the actions of the Catholic Church. He said and did all the things I wanted to say to the nuns. He reminded me of me. Judy reminded me of my Mum. Seeming to sometimes not know what’s going on, being so nice to everyone she meets, but actually knowing exactly what’s going on.

    At the end of the movie, a comment Judy made to the journalist really struck home with me, “It must be awful to be so angry all the time.”

    • Cat, we did make it through the movie and it was very funny once Jason got there to exact retribution and the two of them eventually bonded. I have not seen Philomena but I love Judy Dench. Your Mum sound like mine. She’s got a long fuse and a quick eye but it’s like she’s a ninja. I just found out she doesn’t like vegetables. Who knew?

  2. Saxon, you are not much different from the rest of us. I love you two just the way you are. Keep reading and writing. If something happens to you, think! you have a lot of stuff from the experience to write about. I know not funny.

    • Sheri, that is very good advice. I will tell it to my angry ball. I like to see myself as a work in progress so 2014 is the year of the happy ball. Thanks for the encouragement on the writing. Layce and I are tandem writing. She is working on the second draft of More than a Kiss while I am writing Crazy Little thing called Love. This year is going to make you laugh!

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