Making lesbians happy – one book at a time!

Free Book Giveaway!

If you want a free copy of my novel “Back Talk” all you have to do is put your thinking hat on and give me a blog topic. Write the topic in the comments below – make sure it’s something you want to read about because I will be using it for my next blog.

backtalk80Free Book Giveaway!

So, leave a comment with your blog topic, I will choose one for a future blog and you will get credit and a copy of “Back Talk.”

Have fun!

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Comments on: "Free Book Giveaway!" (24)

  1. How do you deal with living with a Hedgie in the house and how do you cope with her attitude! 😉

  2. How is that you’ve been able to refrain from picking up that OK accent? 🙂

  3. Hmmm… How about the decline of the polar ice caps?

  4. Teryl Cardella said:

    How about your writing process. What is your day like when you are in writing mode. Thank you

  5. Farm living vs city living. Or is is all about poop?

  6. I’d like you to write about the secret tootsies you knew of Tahlequah-Oklahoma, and if any of them ate Tootsie Rolls to obtain their fame, or were they just tootsies who rolled over, or up, or out, or in, or oats.

  7. Have you ever laughed so hard at something you’ve written that you had to stop and leave your work and go back to it later?

    • i just had to respond to some questions. this is another one of them. yes, i have laughed so hard i had to leave the room to change my underpants–my bladder is not what it used to be.

  8. Dillon Watson said:

    Why happens when midget lesbians try to find a “baby daddy”.

    P. s. As your biggest fan I, of course already have the book.

  9. What do you want to do when you grow up?

  10. Writing humour, does it ‘droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven’, or it is it blood, sweat and tears? How do funny ideas come to you? Do you have to work on it?

  11. What are you watching on TV?

    (Lame I know, but I am kinda curious.)

    • actually, shannon, we got rid of television is our house. we watch movies, funny ones, old black and whites and current stuff. television despite DVRs always felt like a commitment to me. i had to pay the cable bill and so i felt like i should watch something. now with netflixs or kindles you can still watch stuff. right now i’m going through “arrested development” it’s hilarious, but i can do it when i want. and i detest commercials. i think they’re bad for you just like when you’re mom said you should eat raw potatoes cuz they’d give you worms. that is however, a myth. and i never think a question is lame except maybe when the dental assistant asks you how you’re doing and expects an answer when you’ve got all that junk in your mouth. that might just be sadism though.

  12. Sheri Campbell said:

    What other most unusual things have you done this last year ,or your choice, other than wear pj’s to go out to eat and to visit our book club? Do you ever back talk your muse….who wins?.

  13. How do you continue a story when you’ve reached a place that seems to stall you. Are there parts of the book that you find difficult to engage yourself in, and if so how do you motivate yourself?

  14. Writing title suggestion : Things that I wish I had not done.

  15. Tracey. said:

    Is lesbian bed death real? Discuss.

  16. Tea or Tequila?

  17. abbey seney said:

    Ways to keep the romance alive.

  18. Kim Orvis said:

    I would like to know how you will decide who will win this book, what thoughts will you come up with while reading each of these suggestions. I would expand more on this idea but I have a kitten trying to catch the worm on the left of the screen, making it very difficult to type.

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