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Writing with a Yo-Yo

I’m playing with my red light up yo-yo.  I’m nowhere near capable of doing “around the world” but I’m learning the basics and maybe at some point I might be able to do it.

“Oh, come on just give it a try,” my right brain says.  Her name is Rubina. She told me her name because I’d never asked and she got fed up with waiting for an introduction.

“You’re not ready,” Letty says.  She’s my left brain and she introduced herself immediately.

“What’s wrong with trying?” Rubina says.  “What’s it going to hurt?”

“She’ll make a mess of the string.  It’ll get all knotted up.”


“I’ll have to deal with it because you’re the creative one and function is not in your job description.”

“Are you guys dating?” I ask.  They’re sounding a lot like me and my ex.

They both give me the “as-if” look from the Asberger Executive Card set which allows for such nuances in expression.

I start doing my fifty reps of yo-yo practice while they sort out the details.  nine, ten, eleven…

“You know this kind of practice is good for eye-hand coordination,” Rubina say.  She winks at me.

Letty frowns.  “I suppose.”

“And there’s the counting aspect, we could do learn to do it in a foreign language and that would be educational,” Rubina says.

Twenty-seven, twenty-eight.  I’m reaching a state of zen and new characters and a new scene is forming in my mind’s eye.  I no longer care about doing “around the world.”  I’m creating my own world.

Rubina nudges me.  I keep going.  Thirty-one, thirty-two.  The character’s name comes to me—Penelope Snodgrass and she paints portraits of feet.

Letty scowls.  She’s caught on.  I can feel it.  “Have you saved all your tax receipts?  It’s that time of year again.”

The yo-yo careens toward me and smacks my knee cap.  “#$^%&& ouch!”  I grab my knee.

Letty stalks off, victorious.

Rubina shrugs.  “What can I say, she hates subterfuge.”


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